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15th of July 2016

My work experience at Heriot Hughes

By Caelin McDermott, Work Experience Placement

At the start of July, whenever someone mentioned the two words work experience to me, I would feel terrible butterflies in my stomach, it's a feeling everyone gets before starting something new and being a part of the working world was definitely new and strange to me.

However I needn't have worried, everyone at Heriot Hughes was extremely welcoming and lovely and even on the Monday I felt a part of the team and I had settled in well. On the Monday I typed up bank statements on to a spreadsheet, which after doing several times has improved my IT skills a lot which I hope is something I can take into my IT GCSE next year. The atmosphere that I was in for the week was very peaceful which I loved as it meant I didn't make many mistakes on the spreadsheet.

The second day was equally as good as I learnt how to make information packs for another company called Exchequer. Christine taught me how to do them in great detail which meant that doing the packs became very easy after a while. I found that throughout the week if I ever became confused I could always ask a member of staff and they always had the time to help me, especially Alex who I am very grateful towards as I asked her countless amounts of questions but she still helped me.

Alex also had shown me how to reconcile data on a spreadsheet, which was interesting as I could see the category that different clients were spending the most on. After a while I also found that easy to do and is another skill that I could take forward into the future with me. I was also shown how to do a CIS enquiry to HMRC and after Alex shown me how to do the first one I was able to carry on the rest without any help.

I am very grateful to Heriot Hughes that the jobs given to me weren't simple and for the light-hearted as I feel that the jobs I completed, even though they were often difficult, I felt a sense of achievement and that I had helped the team by doing it.

Finally as I come to my last day here it has become apparent how much of a rewarding week this week has been and how much more confident I have become because of it. Thank you to Lindsey, Joanna and John for this wonderful opportunity, it has been great and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of where to do their work experience as it has given me an insight to the working world and it is not as scary as you may think!

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